Sequence Analysis Support Core (SASC) is a specialized team at LUMC to support LUMC researchers and clinicians to analyze their Next Generation Sequencing data.

SASC is closely integrated with Department of Human Genetics, Department of Medical Statistics and Bioinformatics and Department of Clinical Genetics. SASC team focuses on building effective data analysis pipelines by selecting and integrating algorithmsand tools developed by academic institutes. The current SASC pipelines include single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection and annotation, structure variants (Insertions, deletions, translocations) detection, annotation and visualization, gene expression analysis using RNAseq, etc. To address the challenge on data computation and storage, SASC have access to both the LUMC local computer cluster and centralized computing resource hosted by SURFsara (Life Science Grid and HPC cloud). For all data analysis projects performed by SASC, SASC guarantees result reproducibility based on a rigorous project logging standard and backups of data provenance information.

SASC team also has a strong collaboration with several nation-wide expertise platforms on Next Generation Sequencing data analysis: DTL Next Generation Sequencing Interest Group, CTMM/TraIT, BBMRI-NL. SASC expects to adopt and adapt the best practice on data analysis and setting up supporting IT infrastructure verified by these national platforms.