Welcome to the Biosemantics-enhanced LOVD project

Project Summary

LOVD provides information about variants in DNA sequences to researchers. The public interfaces can be consulted by anyone. Curators manually add information to LOVD, typically about a specific gene and curate provided information. The underlying LOVD data is not exhaustive. For instance, potentially relevant information from literature cannot readily be exposed to a LOVD user. The general objective of this project is to provide additional information from literature via concept mining Web Services from the BioSemantics group. The input for these services, the 'seed' information comes from text on LOVD pages and underlying identifiers.

The driving questions (from earlier interview with Johan) are

  • Patient: “What is known about my disease?”
  • Non-english expert: “Is there a variation database about the gene mentioned in this paper?”

In its implementation, LOVD will be in control of the services. The final result is displayed by LOVD using its display framework. What is done and shown is called from LOVD.

Notes kick-off meeting dd. 24-02-2012 with Ivo, Ivar, Kostas, Marco.

Starting Points

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