FOS: Bio-informatics 2013; Computational Biology of Complex disease and Ageing


Monday June 3

Lecture Short Introduction to Genetic studies designs
Lecture Linkage analysis
Hands on pedigrees and inheritance patterns
Lecture Association analyses
Practical Association analyses candidate genes
Lecture Linkage disequilibrium, Haplotypes, hapmap
Practical linkage disequilibrium, Haplotypes, hapmap

Tuesday June 4

Lecture and practical: Genome wide association

Wednesday June 5

Lecture Introduction to epigenetics
Lecture and practical 450 K array (techniques, probes, normalisation)
Lecture and practical Gene targeted methylation Epityper
Guest lecture Identifying differential methylation using next-generation sequencing: the Hunger Winter

Thursday June 6

Lecture Transcriptomics technologies FOS_CompBiol_ExprProf_060613.pdf
Lecture Statistical analysis of expression data: Normalization, differential expression and multiple testing expression.ppt
Lecture and practical introduction: RNA-seq data analysis FOS_CompBiol_RNAseq_intro_060613.pdf
Practical RNA-seq analysis and visualization in UCSC / Galaxy Intro RNAseq_Practical_INTRO_FOS.pdf Practical Galaxy_UCSC_practical_edited_for_FOS.pdf

Friday June 7

Paper discussion “Genetic Study design”

Monday June 10

Lecture Next generation sequencing technology Buermans.pdf
Lecture Medical sequencing (principles exome and whole genome sequencing) Yu_FOS_course_100613.1.pdf
Practical Whole genome sequencing
Practical Exome sequencing early onset OA
Lecture and practices Burden Test
Practical Exome sequencing early onset OA

Tuesday June 11

Lecture and practices Datamining
Lecture Clustering
Practical Clustering using Spotfire

Wednesday June 12

Lecture Finding functional relevant genes
Practical Finding genes in practice
Lecture Pathway analyses
Practical Interpretation of gene lists Anni and DAVID Introduction text mining ; Introduction practical ; Exercise ; dataset

Thursday June 13

Lecture Metabolomic biomarker discovery lecture ; practical ; dataset
Case study scientific publication Exploring the Transcriptome of Ciliated Cells Using In Silico Dissection of Human Tissues ; case study

Friday June 14

Lecture microarray profiling of late onset disorders to reveal the normal ageing related pathways
Lecture Network-based microarray expression analyses in ageing
Literature discussion Article: Mitonuclear protein imbalance as a conserved longevity mechanism ; supplementary data ; Questions to be answered

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