GitLab server

We maintain a GitLab server at:

GitLab offers git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds and wikis.

Getting access

If you have an LUMC account, you can just login with your existing credentials (like you use for your email) at

If you don't have an LUMC account, you can request access to the GitLab server by sending an email to Michel Villerius or Jeroen Laros.

You can directly start creating your own projects. If you want to have access to existing projects and or groups that are not public, the respective owners can arrange that (after you logged in at least once).

Email notifications

By default, GitLab will send you notifications per email. You can tweak if/how you get email notifications on your Notification settings page.

You may also find it useful to create a special filtering rule for GitLab notifications in your email client.

Of course, activity in projects you participate in will also show up on your GitLab dashboard. You can go there by clicking the GitLab icon (fox) in the top-left corner of every GitLab page.

Repository access: SSH and HTTPS

This section is technical and might or might not be relevant for you.

Because of LUMC firewall problems, you can not access your repositories using the SSH protocol from outside the LUMC network.

The HTTPS protocol should always work, but has the disadvantage of having to type your username and password every time again.


To clone the humgen/mobile repository using SSH you could do:

git clone

However, if you're not in the LUMC network, you would do:

You can find the SSH and HTTPS locations for a repository at the top-right of the project homepage.


The GitLab server is administered by Michel Villerius. Please contact him if you have any questions.

We maintain our patches to the upstream GitLab source code in the LUMC GitLab repository (branches named X-Y-stable-lumc). Currently, these patches are:

Repository mirrors

We use the gitlab-mirrors tool to manage read-only mirrors of external repositories. These mirrors are under the Mirror group in GitLab.

Some (technical) notes on this setup:

  • Mirrors are synced hourly.
  • Syncing is done with push -f (force update).
  • Branches deleted in the original repository are pruned.
  • The mirror project in GitLab is public by default.
  • For admins: After creating a new mirror, the master branch should be unprotected manually from the GitLab UI.

Please let one of the administrators know if you want to have a remote repository mirrored on our server.

For admins, this is the command we use for adding a mirror (as gitmirror, from /home/gitmirror/gitlab-mirrors):

./ --git --project-name <project-name> --mirror<name>/<project>.git


Daily backups are automatically created from a complete server snapshot by the central ICT department.

About Git

We have a Version control with Git course!

See Git for more information on working with Git.

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